Welcome to Math 8 and Math Honors 8

FB_IMG_1448792244366Welcome to Math 8 and Math Honors 8, 2015-2016, here at ISM.  I’m John Lacson, a dual citizen of the Philippines and Texas.  This is my 8th full year at ISM.  I taught previously at the University of Texas (1986-1990), the University of Guam (1991-1994), Texas State University (1995-1998), Lago Vista (Texas) High School (1998-2005), and Brent School Baguio (2006-2007).  My doctorate was  earned at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Science Park in 1990.

I can be reached at lacsonj@ismanila.org or personally on Tuesdays and Thursdays in my classroom (P044) from 2:35-3:00 PM.  I have an open door, first-come-first-served policy.

For day to day information, assignments, lecture notes, study guides, rubrics, and all other materials relevant to either Math Honors 8 or Math 8, simply copy the URL below and paste as needed.

For Math Honors 8:


For Math 8:


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